BPM Workshop

Automating Content Intensive Processes


Do it yourself

This workshop will provides you with all technologies, methods, tools, and strategies that help you manage business processes on your organization whatever the type and size of it.


Learn how to manage business processes in your organization

Automate your business by your team and lead the change


Know the secret of Process Mapping and Design

Real cases and real examples using real BPM tool


Support you in your first BPM project

Small learning Class

In 4 days, you will learn how you and your organization could be different in your offerings, services, and products.

Managed Process is behind any successful service

Course objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of BPM and how can get benefit from it to his organization.
  • Analyze and design processes within his organization.
  • Present processes in a model, using recognized and consistent standards.
  • Select the best tools to fit with needs.
  • Manage BPM project with both technical and business sides.
  • Build Process prototype using BPM tools.


  • Process Improvement Technologies.
  • Relating Process and Information Management.
  • Activity theory and Routing by Roles and Responsibilities.
  • BPMN Standards.
  • Process Modeling and Mapping.
  • Analysis Techniques.
  • Process design.
  • Process Auditing.
  • BPM and BPR.
  • Automating Business Process step-by-step.
  • Case study.

Targeted Audience:

Workshop targets business and technical professionals in the middle east covering:

  • Business Analyst.
  • Functional Managers.
  • Business Personals.
  • Senior developers.
  • Software Engineers.
  • Project managers.

The instructor

Dr. Emad Sarhan,


Certified information professional and Business Process Master with more than 22 years of experience in information management and IT.

“No BPM project will success if it is not leaded by the organization and internal staff there. I will try to give knowledge, experience and secrets in this area to help in that. BPM is something continues and internal staff know about their business more than anyone does.”

Emad Sarhan

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