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Organizations that manage their information more effectively enjoy reduced costs, faster time to market, increased revenues and cash flow, and increased business agility. CIPs are uniquely positioned to help organizations achieve these benefits because they understand the interactions between different information‐intensive processes and activities.


Learn how to manage information in your organization

Lead the change and transform your business


Know the secret of information lifecycle

Cases, discussion, exercises, activities and practice exam.


Be ready for CIP exam

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In 5 days, you will learn how you and your organization could be different in your offerings, services, and products thru the effective management of information assets.


Creating and Capturing Information


Organizing and Categorizing Information

Governing Information

Automating Information-Intensive Processes

Managing the Information Lifecycle

Implementing an Information Managment Solution



Website Content Management

The instructor

Dr. Emad Sarhan,


Certified information professional and Business Process Master with more than 23 years of experience in information management and IT.

“No information management strategy will success if it is not leaded by the organization and internal staff there. I will try to give knowledge, experience and secrets in this area to help in that. attendances in this workshop will learn how to create, organize, and manage all types of information in their organizations and be ready to be certified information professional and lead the change.

Emad Sarhan

What is CIP?

Over the past decade, there has been a “perfect storm” of change driven by consumerization, cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things. It has changed how we think about enterprise information and IT – and changed how we think about the kinds of skills needed to adapt to these changes. The value-add for information technology in organizations is rapidly shifting from the technology per se to the stewardship, optimization, and application of the information assets themselves.

To meet this need, AIIM worked with industry experts and focus groups to define the body of knowledge necessary for information professionals to be successful in the digital economy, built a certification and test based upon this body of knowledge that is available at locations around the world.

The Certified Information Professional (CIP) Preparatory Workshop is designed to prepare students for the CIP certification exam and help Attendees become Information professionals.

Information professionals contribute to the success of their organizations by helping address the following kinds of information management challenges (both on‐premises and in the cloud):

  1. Ensure information is dynamically delivered to staff and customers.
  2. Improve information sharing and collaboration.
  3. Improve enterprise search and access to information.
  4. Continuously analyze information to identify new business opportunities and improvements.
  5.  Ensure appropriate information security and privacy.
  6. Manage information and records.
  7. Streamline and automate information intensive processes.

Attendees will learn how to manage all types of information throughout the information lifecycle  through presentation, discussion, exercises, and activities. this covers document and record management, Web content management, business processes management and technology around them.

Target audiences:
-Information managers in organizations
-Archiving and documents management officers
-Business processes management and automation specialists
-IT project managers and team leaders
-CIO and IT managers
-Software engineers

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